Portable Oxygen Monitor, CE




The MED-19 portable oxygen monitor combines a modern rugged CE marked design with Oksidyne’s precision oxygen sensor technology.  The unit is specifically designed to safely and easily verify oxygen and other medical gases used in the medical and veterinary clinics.  The unit comes with a 0 – 100% oxygen concentration full scale measurement range.

The oxygen sensor is based on the galvanic electrochemical fuel cell principal and is manufactured in house under a strict quality procedure.  The sensors are long life, self contained and minimal maintenance is required – no need to clean electrodes or add electrolyte.  The precision sensors offer excellent performance, accuracy and stability while maximizing the expected life.  The sensor is external with a 15 foot (fully extended) coiled cable.

The electronics are feature packed with an easy-to-use menu interface and many additional safety features built in.  Power is supplied via battery power or can be plugged in to run on 100 – 240V AC.  Two local alarms are ran through a loud integral audible alarm as well as local warning LED indicators with a silence button.

The analyzer offers one of the smallest footprints in the field with a recyclable aluminum body.

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