Advanced Sensing Solutions

We develop and manufacture advanced oxygen sensor technology and innovative monitoring solutions for critical life-support systems used in respiratory treatment, incubators, anesthesia and other medical breathing gas applications.

Oxygen Monitors

Oksidyne Healthcare Ltd. develops and manufactures a range of handheld oxygen monitor’s and analyzers allowing easy and highly accurate measurements of medical breathing gases in hospitals, home healthcare and veterinary applications.

Most analyzers and sensors are in stock for fast shipment. For pricing and availability, and special configurations please contact your customer service representative.

Medical Oxygen Monitor

Replacement E-Chem Oxygen Sensors

Oksidyne Healthcare Ltd’s designs and manufacturers a direct fit replacement for all major brands and models of medical respirators, ventilators and medical breathing gas analyzers. Similar to replacing a battery in a flashlight, simply remove the existing oxygen sensor and install the Oksidyne equivalent. Often times, you will find Oksidyne’s sensors offer better performance, a higher level of quality, and longer life at a lower price point.

Don’t see your sensor make and model? Don’t worry, send us a quick email and we can check the cross reference for it.